2018 The 5th United States Virtuoso Artists
International Piano Competition

          2018 5th United States Virtuoso Artists International Piano Competition is hosted by The Virtuoso Artist Foundation of North America, BC Virtuoso International Culture, Wright State University, and The Ohio State University, as well as supported by University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, University of Illinois, Hilltop International Education, Golden Bauhinia Music Foundation, Steinway & Sons, and YAMAHA. The purpose of competition is to discover more talented pianists around the world and offer them more performance opportunities, as well as try our best to support them success in music career. Our competition seeks to encourage more young musicians to perform and grow. The committee of competition believes the competition offers many benefits to participants and helps to build their confidence, strengthen their performance skills, and, ultimately, realize their dreams. Meanwhile, by being introduced to new audiences on stage in Ohio, One of the world’s grandest performance venues, participants can expect to have a memorable experience. 
            The Competition is open to pianists of any nationality of any age. All of applicants are required to submit video/audio recording materials for the preliminary round. The deadline to apply for this competition is July 29(Sunday), 2018. Applications received after this deadline date will not be accepted. The announcement for final round will be given by email no later than August 7 (Tuesday), 2018. The final round will be taken place on August 18 (Saturday), 2018 and the Award Ceremony and Winner’s Concert will be on August 19 (Sunday), 2018. Email for any questions of competition:
[email protected]